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EVM Basic Concepts

wInsight Software


wInsight Software

What You Will Learn


To use wInsight, wInsight administrator, and C/S Glue Software


How to create a program database and charts using program data


How to sort and filter data to make it more meaningful for the PM team


How to link earned value files to MS Project and Primavera databases


How to copy and past to other applications


How to import X12 and PA transfer files

Course Benefits
The IPD Toolkit in one of the industry’s leading analytical tools for cost and schedule performance analysis. It can help managers at any level quickly identify and isolate problem areas associated with technically complex projects. It also has the capability to create charts and databases that can easily be transferred to other applications such as MS PowerPoint and MS Excel. Successful completion of this course will give the user a basic understanding of how to use the application.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone interested in gaining a better understanding project management principals.

Registration Fee

Scheduled Courses

Reston, VA
ATI Training Center

Atlanta, GA
Marriott Marquis


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Lasting Success Requires Deep Knowledge

Training is a core initiative and focus of ATI. The company has developed a full curriculum of training courses that expand on the company’s functional expertise in Integrated Project Management.


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