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EVM Basic Concepts

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EVM Basic Concepts

What You Will Learn


How to use earned value as a project management tool


How to prepare the RPF to properly include Earned Value


The role and purpose of the PMB


How to create accurate forecasts of cost as completion


How to Analyze and interpret performance trends

Course Benefits
This course provides a working knowledge of EVM terms and concepts, demonstrates application in project management scenarios and engages participants in case studies. The class addresses how EVM is used within the Department of Defense, NASA, and the Intelligence Community. This course provides participants with the skills needed to conduct project analysis using EVM and to communicate their concerns to affect decision-making.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone interested in gaining a better understanding project management principals.

Registration Fee

Scheduled Courses

Reston, VA
ATI Training Center

Atlanta, GA
Marriott Marquis


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Training is a core initiative and focus of ATI. The company has developed a full curriculum of training courses that expand on the company’s functional expertise in Integrated Project Management.


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