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Strategic Partners

D&M Associates
A Virginia based company providing senior software engineers and architects to support complex client/server applications.

Makai Technologies, Inc.
A Maryland based engineering company supporting ATI’s software development initiatives

XP Technologies, Inc.
eXtreme Programming experts

  • XP Technologies provides technical management and architecture services for complex software systems.

  • The company delivers solid technical leadership in all phases of a software project, from proposal and requirements writing to design, implementation and test.

  • The company also extreme programming methodology to create well engineered software and form cohesive development teams that will add value to their organizations.

Garsden Technologies, Inc.
A Maryland based corporation providing senior Configuration Management Engineers, Specialists, and Programmers to support ATI and its customers with their most challenging software development initiatives.

Software Systems Consultants Inc. (SSCI)
A Virginia based corporation experienced in Designing, Implementing, Testing, Managing and Staffing large complex IT solutions. SSCI’s support to ATI includes, but is not limited to:

  • Custom Computer Programming Services

  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

  • Database Development and Management Support

  • Planning, Evaluation, and Testing

  • End-user technical support

  • Biometrics IAFIS Systems Design and Development

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IVV, IV&V)

For additional information on SSCI visit their website at


Seemless Resources
The Perfect Combination of Experience & Innovation

Our proven approach to Acquisition support provides for the integration of technologies, tools, and skilled professionals to help government and private sector management teams gain better insight into potential risks of achieving cost, schedule and technical objectives during the project development lifecycle.


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